Thursday, August 31, 2006

Paul Who?

kidicarus222: question
supersanam: hmm?
kidicarus222: when writing the fall music preview for santa barbara and faced with the task of writing a short paragraph on who paul simon is and why people should go listen to him, would it be fair to say something like the following:
kidicarus222: Paul Simon: Easily one of the most influential figures in pop music history, Paul Simon doesn’t need an introduction. If you haven’t heard of him by now, then you’re probably too busy with your phonograph to attend a concert anyway.
kidicarus222: also, what is funnier than "phonograph"?
supersanam: hmm
kidicarus222: i would say living under a rock on mars sodomizing yourself with mars rocks, but that's too long and i'd get fired
supersanam: right
supersanam: too busy playing with your moon rocks
kidicarus222: on mars?
supersanam: well, "living on the moon" is an acceptable way to tell someone they're out of it
kidicarus222: ah
kidicarus222: yes
supersanam: victrola is funnier than phonograph
kidicarus222: yes
kidicarus222: i will use victorla, then go sodomize myself with pointy mars rocks
supersanam: enjoy
kidicarus222: thanks, beautiful!
supersanam: 400 rodeo clowns can't be wrong

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