Thursday, August 10, 2006

Less of a Threat Than a Promise

Read the previous post for context.

kidicarus222: hi
supersanam: whatever.
kidicarus222: whatever what?
supersanam: whatever YOU
kidicarus222: okay. if you want me to take it down, i will. but you must understand that once i realized i could do it i had no choice
kidicarus222: NO CHOICE
supersanam: you don't have to take it down.
supersanam: but once I re-download photoshop, you're screwed
kidicarus222: oh yeah?
kidicarus222: but are your photoshop skills better than mine?
supersanam: I'm like the da vinci code of photoshopping.
kidicarus222: fine
kidicarus222: okay: so was it funny?
supersanam: maybe.
kidicarus222: for the record, you were already making the rapist face
kidicarus222: oh, see? you just reposted that picture on my account
kidicarus222: and it jacks my profile
kidicarus222: can't you repost it at a reasonable size?
supersanam: no.
kidicarus222: why not?
supersanam: that picture is totally worth breaking your tables.
kidicarus222: if i resize it, will you repost the thing?
supersanam: and it deserves to be seen at as life-size a resolution as possible.
kidicarus222: see, you're all bang and no subtlety
kidicarus222: i went through the trouble of photoshopping that thing and you won't even resize a picture
supersanam: this picture is just a hold-over until I can get proper revenge
kidicarus222: and that would be what? posting an even bigger picture?
supersanam: MAYBE
supersanam: what of it
kidicarus222: okay, well since i take down any image that jacks up my myspace tables, it's going. here's a re-sized version. re-post it if you like, but know that i will take it down again
[ Sanam rejected the file transfer. ]kidicarus222: fine. i await my comeuppance
supersanam: fine
supersanam: check your mail in a few days
kidicarus222: i always check my mail. why shouldn't i?

The photo that the self-proclaimed Da Vinci Code of PhotoShop posted but couldn't seem to resize can be seen here. The size is about half of the version she put on my profile. Also, she had posted it before, with similar results.

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