Wednesday, August 16, 2006

The Gradual Climb

Pop open the champagne: We've hit 174,295th place!

In case you haven't yet heard of the website Technorati, you should, especially if you keep a blog and you're at all interested in how popular your site is in comparison to others. I was very happy to check on the Back of the Cereal Box's Technorati profile today and find that I have risen in rank quite a bit from the last time I checked.

Previously, my blog hovered around the 260,000th mark as far as rank goes. This means that about 260,000 other blogs were more popular than mine. As it stands today, the Cereal Box is ranked 174, 295th. It's not a huge jump, I'll admit, but considering how many blogs exist in the world, being ranked 174,295th isn't too bad. For comparison's sake, my other blog project, Die Wunderkammer, is ranked 1,153,086th in the world. That's a big difference.

I strongly encourage anyone who reads this to go to Technorati, create a profile for themselves and register their blogs. It's a completely free service that gives you some interesting statistics that other sites don't — for example, how a graph charts you posts per day for the previous month and a link monitor tells you what people are clicking to leave your site. Not even FreeStats offers that latter feature, and I pay for that. Beyond this, you can add tags to your blog so that people who potentially might be interested in your subject manner can more easily stumble across your site. Finally, by registering your blog and what sites you link to, you help Technorati more accurately assess the state of the blogosphere.

So just go do it, if for no other reason than the fact that you got this far in this boring post and you're still reading.
[ link: do it! do it! do it! ]

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