Monday, August 07, 2006

Blue Noob

Here's your soon-to-be-regular YouTube round-up. Yes, I could write about Dina coming down to Santa Barbara for Fiesta, but this videos are so much more representative of the weekend than anything I could relate.

First, a technically simple but nonetheless impressive video by OK Go for the song "Here It Goes Again."

[ source: Best Week Ever, via Kristen ]
And then a delightful video of an floppity Cavalier King Charles puppy set to that song from the old Muppet show.

[ source: Amamba, via Aly's MySpace profile ]
And finally yet another example of bizarre Japanese culture. "Spare me my life." "Take anything you want." "I was robbed by two men."

[ source: eBaum's world, via Mike Donkeydong ]

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