Sunday, July 30, 2006

The Words, We Love Them

It's good to know that the experience of working at the Nexus doesn't sour people altogether on writing. Not everyone, anyway. During my career as an unabashed snoop, I've managed to collect a small group of Nexites and former Nexites who keep blogs or contribute otherwise to online content. I've decided to make a permalink group for them in my sidebar, just in case any other recovering reporter should want to see what their contemporaries and predecessors did with their post-undergrad lives. I myself gave the Nexus four good years and I still haven’t learned my lesson.

Foremost among online Nexites is Tony Pierce. He worked long before my time, but I'm fairly sure his name came up every now and then. I actually found out about Pierce after having I wrote the Wikipedia article on the Daily Nexus. His page links to it, and I have to say I'm envious of a Nexite with his own Wikipedia article. The page notes that he is nicknamed the "blogfather" — however with a "citation needed" superscript — and that he wrote several blooks. I'd especially like to point out his post "How to Blog," which I'm glad to see I'm following, more or less.
[ link: Tony Pierce's BusBlog ]
Kazu Kibuishi has probably had the most successful career of any artist the Nexus has ever employed. He's still drawing, and doing quite a good job of it. Kazu is also the other of the two Nexites I know of who have a claim to fame on Wikipedia.
[ link: Bolt City ]
Jason Shock, who if I'm not mistaken laid the framework the first Daily Nexus website, still resides in Santa Barbara. He has a personal website that features his blog.
[ link: ShockBlog ]
Jenne helmed Artsweek my first year at UCSB, and in the process forever impressed me with the inherent coolness of the paper's weekly arts and culture supplement. She's quite the legend with the people who succeeded her — namely Jessica, Brenna and Aly. More mail addressed to her shows up at the office than any other former Nexite that I'm aware of. Jenne is currently blogging from Hamberg.
[ link: We Have the Most Fun ]
Mr. Valles was the EIC some time before I showed up. He used to blog frequently, but the site hasn't changed in a whole year and I think it may be dead for good. Nonetheless, all the old content remains.
[ link: everythingwrong* ]
And now for my generation:

Dina Dina Canklesaurus, as any frequenter of this blog should know, is one of my regular reads. She worked as an assistant county editor two years back.
[ link: Canklesaurus ]
Former chief copy cat Jason also keeps a blog, albeit one with an unwieldy name.
[ link: hjeuotiawurhaiwrjhkaw ]
Semi-regular Nexus artist Megan has also been a regular read of mine since her blog began.
[ link: Cherchez la Femme ]
Molly was a Nexus regular who drew editorial art, wrote the occasional news story and contributed a regular comic strip, "Patty." She's also still drawing, and you can see a lot of her stuff at her site.
[ link: Mollycules ]
Bri, who’s column “Esoteric Living” ran in the Nexus last year, also has been permalinked for a while.
[ link: Literature and Water ]
Mark Batalla, who served as art director last year and I believe is again this year, also has a blog, though it doesn’t seem to have been updated in a while.
[ link: Battle On ]
The current Nexus managing editor, Devon Claire, keeps a blog, although it's usually only for the purposes of posting photos.
[ link: Demon Glare ]
Dave-a-Reno is doing some cool stuff in New York currently, though his two online ventures are either out of commission or long-forgotten. Yell at him for me.
[ link: Black and White Animals and Reno in New York ]
Maggie Muldoon — artist, gadabout and KCSB personality — arrived at the Nexus office during her freshman year and I got to see her blossom into a full-fledged college student. She's always doing cool things — like travelling to Ghana — and you can read about them on her two blogs.
[ link: Akwaaba Obruni and Liberty Salad ]
Meghan, who took over the opinion desk after my tenure, used to blog regularly, but her new life in San Francisco seems to have given her better things to do than sit at a computer.
[ link: My Strange and Beautiful World ]
And, of course, there's little Dansy Pansy, former EIC, who blogged about his travels in the United Kingdom. He said a long time ago that he wanted to take this blog down. Maybe this will remind him to do so.
[ link: Danarchy in the U.K. ]
If you're reading this and noting a glaring omission, tell me. It's kind of hobby of mine, stalking former colleagues. But yeah — I'd love to hear about it.

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