Sunday, July 30, 2006

Oversized Octopus and the Gimmie-Gimmies

My YouTube videos of anteaters — either wrestling or feeding, depending on which one you're talking about — have gotten their own small share on intention since I put them online. They're not, however, the most watched YouTube videos tagged with the word "anteater." They're separated from the top of the heap by a few other videos, the best of which are clips from a 1960 Japanese live-action children's show called "Kare Kare Takura," or in English, "Gimmie Gimmie Octopus." The show frequently features the run-ins between its protagonist, Octopus, and Anteater, the show's apparent villain.

You need to watch this.

As for the other character, the pear-looking thing, the guy who posted the videos on YouTube says he's a peanut.

And just for the sake of filling your daily quota of psychedelic weirdness, here's a second video in which the same three characters are visibly high at the end.

EDIT 11.05.2006: About two weeks ago, YouTube purged its library of all content owned my Japanese media groups under threat of a lawsuit. As a result, the "Kare Kare Takura" videos are no longer available.

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