Saturday, July 22, 2006

Oh, Delicious Spam

It’s just too typical to be a blogger complaining about spam, I know, but nonetheless this post will discuss the peculiarities of a new kind of unwanted email that I’ve been receiving lately. Case in point, a missive titled “Aback Marsupial” by a Miss Natty Rogers.
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I’m guessing that this form of spam clips chunks of words from other places in order to appear to be an actual note. You see this, temporarily get fooled and then — if you’re really stupid — open up the various image file attachments that fit together Tetris-style in order to give you a piece of advertising. It’s pretty clever, really. What I’m really enjoying out of this, however, is the way the words flow together in a stream-of-consciousness style and almost sound cool.

Read them out loud. You will sound totally crazy. Or totally dada. Or try reading them in a Bill Cosby voice. Or like it’s poetry that you wrote and you really care about. Here are some more examples.

“Smug Cleanly,” from Gersten Traylor:
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“Comotose Solemnly,” by Emmanuel Alford:
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Hate it love it. Also: worst names ever.

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