Thursday, July 13, 2006

Mr. Drew’s Cabinet of All Articles Wonderfying and Magistic

This is a first-ever Back of the Cereal Box joint-venture simul-blog.


If you're going to steal, then steal from the best. It's a good rule. And it's one I followed when I set up this new blog, Die Wunderkammer. I had already kept the Back of the Cereal Box for, but this one was all about the words, really. The new one is something altogether different.

Around the beginning of June this year, Sanam set up a secondary blog account — on LiveJournal, no less — to archive a collection of images she’d amassed over her years of internet browsing. This intrigued me greatly: a way to post images online, free on the constraints of Flickr, just as a means of keeping them in case the computer they’re stored on should ever die. It’s a novel use for a blog. Immediately, I was jealous. I would have launched this blog right then had I bothered to keep a collection of images like Sanam did. But I’m lame and I neglected to do this, even as tickled by the many jpegs and tiffs as I've been over the years. For whatever reason, I had just never managed to accomplished the whole right-click and save necessary to make these images mine.

As a result, I’ve recently scrambled through the pages I remember and done the very thing I failed to do before. What you will see on this new blog in the coming days is just that: the images I like and want to keep and remember and have on command when I need them. Don’t read this for flowery prose. This will be all about the visual instead of the verbal.

Here’s what you can expect:
  • things posed on MySpace, sometimes by Sanam herself
  • things that were posted on my other blog, for whatever reason, that I like
  • illustration from vintage children’s books, the art from which I enjoy very much
  • strange Japanese things
  • rare pop culture clippings
  • a few photos I have taken myself that I find worthy of re-posting in this blog, solely as a means of tricking more people into looking at them
  • other things
  • a list of search words for the various images posted, so that people surfing the Googly tide will be able to find them
And that’s it, really. As you’ll note, the template for this blog is a subtle variation on the one I have for my other blog. On that blog, I noted Sanam’s initial effort in a post titled “Die Wunderkammer,” which is German for something like “the cabinet of curiosities.” “Die Wunderkammer” was also the title of a mix CD Spence made for me when I got back from Australia.

So please, go check out the Cereal Box's new next-door neighbor.

EDIT 12.1.2006: The more I thought about it, the more I wanted to just have all my content on one blog. Thus, today I went back and started reposting the Die Wunderkammer content on the Back of the Cereal Box. Same date and everything. And Die Wunderkammer will still be up. I just thing for the sake of not spreading by bloggishness too thinly, I'd better concentrate on just one site.

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