Saturday, July 01, 2006

The Lost Afternoon

One Friday, a long time ago, Jill and I decided to drive up to Solvang, to see what we could see. Solvang, we found, was an altogether worthless town with nothing of interest to us. At the time, we weren’t of drinking age, so the whole place offered us antique shops and Danish kitsch. We left and went home. I blogged about it, during a time when this blog was actually about me, instead of everything around me, and it was called "Zoom-Zoom Super Me News With Drew."

The only souvenir we left with was a roll of film I took on my old, non-digital camera. At the end of the original blog post, I even remarked that I was looking forward to getting the pictures back, so Jill and I might share our hatred of Solvang with the world.

Now, more than three years later, I’ve finally got around to getting these old pictures scanned and put online. They’ve been lingering on my Flick account, unloved and un-looked at for a week or so, and I can only imagine that the sheer lack of attention they’ve drawn stems from the fact that they represent our boredom. We hate Solvang and it shows.

Personally, I think these photos are funny, so now I’m subjecting you to them. Gaze upon the Drew and Jill of three years ago!

Bored young people, just like I said. In any case, one notable thing did happen in Solvang: Jill and I saw the scariest car sticker we'd ever seen, before or since.

At that point, the whole trip stopped being fun in that look-at-the-lame way. It just got a little scary. On the way back, we stopped at Gaviota Beach and played there. On the rocks. Because playing on a rocky beach was more fun than Solvang.

Tedious, I know, but this is more for my own memory preservation than anything else. Oh, and Solvang sucks.
[ linky link: the original blog post, "More Than Just Olives!" ]
And yes, if you're wondering, this is in fact Jilly Jill of MySpace fame.


  1. i am very disappointed that there are no pictures of the painted garbage cans mentioned in the original post. perhaps a new trip to solvang is in order?