Thursday, July 13, 2006

The Deadly Princess Assassination Squad

Don't ask me why, but somehow this article and its various permutations are linking to my blog.
[ link: it's slimy and it's green ]
I'm confused, but basically okay with it. Without this mystery linkage, I wouldn't have given a damn about the third "Shrek" movie. For those of you who are a little link-wary, the big deal with the story is that "Shrek the Third" will feature Princess Fiona leading a team of ass-kicking fairy tale princesses in the fight against the villains who usually kidnap or otherwise endanger them. The line-up includes Cinderella, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty and Rapunzel. What's even better about this is that Dreamworks has cast my lady comic wet dream to voice the empowered damsels: the irrepressible Amy Sedaris, the long-missed Cheri Oteri, the understated Maya Rudolph and the sparkling Amy Poehler. Oh, and also Cameron Diaz will be there.

And that, folks, is very good news.

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