Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Speedy Marie

MissJill7: her wedding is on saturday night in san jose somewhere
kidicarus222: take me or i will cause a huge scene
MissJill7: excellent...obviously that would be why i would bring you
kidicarus222: please, show up to the wedding in your own bridal gown
MissJill7: and then i'll announce i'm preggers
kidicarus222: during the vows
kidicarus222: start yelling it
kidicarus222: then step into all their wedding pictures
MissJill7: yes and yes
kidicarus222: and eat the cake
kidicarus222: then start crying
MissJill7: i'd like to tell you that that would be the first time i did that, but alas, i got really wasted at a wedding last summer
MissJill7: no, i'll shove the cake in both of their faces during the first dance
MissJill7: and then i'll proceed to "get things started" with the elaine dance
kidicarus222: when they have the first dance, start dancing by yourself and slide into the camera shot
kidicarus222: and make everybody uncomfortable
MissJill7: well i'm going to need to start practicing

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