Friday, June 30, 2006

Rejection, Part Two

I sent another submission to McSweeney's online branch. Much in the same manner as the first one, this second list was rejected. Only this time it took about three weeks longer to be rejected, so my hopes had a chance to ratchet up a notch or two.

So since Timothy McSweeney's Internet Tendency doesn't want it, I guess I will just put it here.
Celebrity Band Projects That Never Were
  • Rob Lowe and the Forgotten Scandals
  • Anderson Cooper and the Enchanted DNA
  • Kate Moss and the Parallel Lines
  • Kind of Like Tony Danza
  • Susan Saradon and the Withers
  • Lisa Rinna and the Duckbills
  • Gretchen Mol and the Unexplained Disappearances
  • Lara Flynn Boyle and the Gradual Disappearances
  • Ticking Time Bomb with Robert Downey Jr.
  • Sean Connery and the Staggers
  • Anne Heche and the Ambivalents
  • Cynthia Watros and the Short End of the Stick
  • Dratch!
  • Kevin Spacey and the Blind Items
  • Shelley Long and the Wretched Despairs
  • The Sean Hayes Sidesteppers
I so just showed them. In retrospect, however, I can see why it was rejected. It's a little clever, in a snarky Defamer kind of way, but it's really not that funny. Or that weird. And funny and weird seem to be the big selling points with the McSweeney's lists. My revenge on McSweeney's: I'm just going to try again.
[ link: a previously rejected submission ]

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