Sunday, June 18, 2006

Reach Out in the Darkness (And You Will Find a Friend)

Small problem.

Dina's friend with the unwieldy Indian name is linking to my blog. She's also alleging that I'm "kinda lame" and that I like Zelda and triangles. For the record, I kind of like the Legend of Zelda games and I could give a shit about triangles. She hit the nail on the head about me being lame, though.

Go check out this girl's page, if you like. Just a warning: by the way she writes, I'm guessing she's fat. Like, really, really fat.
[ link: Blog of the Land Monster ]
(CTRL+F for "Drew" to see the link, lazy browsers. Though you might as well. Looking at the page for too long will probably make you fat.)

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