Sunday, June 25, 2006

The Land Monster Speaks

gimmehamz69: blargh!
kidicarus222: hi?
gimmehamz69: you die, you little shit
kidicarus222: who is this?
gimmehamz69: im like dina's best friend. i think you read my blog
kidicarus222: oh. you.
gimmehamz69: lets get a few things straight. indian men prize my girthy beauty
kidicarus222: oh really. like, all indian men?
gimmehamz69: no, stupid. these two guys who run the refrigerator repair shop where i answer the phones. they tell me i'm like a sack of beautiful potatoes, wrapped in an exquisite indian tapestry
kidicarus222: they tell you that to your face?
gimmehamz69: hey, it makes a paycheck
gimmehamz69: i just thought i'd let you know that you beefed big time when you ripped on me
kidicarus222: "beefed"?
gimmehamz69: shut up!
gimmehamz69: none of your words, kid dicks-r-us
gimmehamz69: you need to take back what you said about me
kidicarus222: you mean that you were wrong about me liking zelda and triangles?
kidicarus222: because you were basically wrong
gimmehamz69: no, that i'm a land monster and that i type like i have sticky chicken grease on my fingers
kidicarus222: i didn't say that
kidicarus222: the second part
gimmehamz69: shut up!
kidicarus222: stop telling me to shut up. i'm still going to type
kidicarus222: i never said you had greasy fingers
gimmehamz69: oh.
gimmehamz69: really?
kidicarus222: really
gimmehamz69: shit.
gimmehamz69: okay, sorry. that must have been the other guy that wrote the defamatory post about me
kidicarus222: serious?
gimmehamz69: shut up!
gimmehamz69: if you must know, you're not the only guy who wrote about me recently
gimmehamz69: this clown from minneapolis has been writing about me
kidicarus222: you're famous
gimmehamz69: he's like a senator or something. he put it on his official website and used me as an example of why women shouldn't be allowed to use the internet
kidicarus222: that's rough
gimmehamz69: this has been a really bad week
gimmehamz69: dina's not talking to me, since i bit her and all. but it's her fault. she totally lunged at me first
kidicarus222: yeah, i heard about that
gimmehamz69: the doctor said it might grow back
kidicarus222: they've been doing some great work with plastic surgery
gimmehamz69: also, i have some heavy flow issues
kidicarus222: yeah. i really have to go.
kidicarus222: if you want me to take the stuff down, i won't, since it's all true
kidicarus222: why did you think i'm lame, anyway?
gimmehamz69: oh. i saw the pictures of you on dina's flickr account. total dick.
kidicarus222: that's a little rash.
gimmehamz69: yeah, well i don't like skinny guys
gimmehamz69: anyway, chinese food's here. those dumpings ain't getting any more deep-fried
gimmehamz69: but you watch your back, skinny man

Anyway, that's where the feud stands right now. If you'd like to see what the Land Monster wrote about me on her site, check out the post that addresses these very matters from her own, warped perspective.

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  1. Anonymous3:40 PM

    I just want to know if you wrote both sides or someone else has joined the game.