Saturday, May 20, 2006

A Thousand Eyes Turning Blue

What I look like — according to Google, anyway.
  • Drew looks like he got lost on the way to playing in a high school basketball game and Drew looks like he'd have trouble getting into an R-rated movie by himself and Drew looks like he has more grocery store bagger in him than basketball star. (All in one article!)
  • Drew looks like any other backpack-toting teenager. Yet he is a survivor of a secret war waged behind the doors of silence and shame.
  • Drew looks like a good bet for NL Rookie of the Year, with Carlos Beltran, of Kansas City, a strong candidate in the AL.
  • Drew looks like a souped-up Priest Holmes coming out of college.
  • Drew looks like Wyatt Earp on Flickr and Drew looks like a tool and Drew looks like a muppet after his bath. (All on one page!)
  • Although new to dance, Drew looks like he's done a good job of picking it up and leading his partner.
  • Drew looks like Boston's Shubert Theater.
  • And my own personal addition to the "Drew looks like" catalogue: Drew looks like a Kentucky fried mess.
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