Sunday, May 14, 2006

The Methuselah of Gaucho Blogs

Sometimes the life drains out of me, for one reason or another, and I can’t bring myself to make the words in my head become words on the screen. That’s been the case, lately. I’m hoping I can amend the situation soon. In lieu of a regular stream of posts from the past few days, please accept another flurry of posts in a 24-hour period, in old-fashioned Back of the Cereal Box style.

Most notably, I thought I’d mention that Jonathan, a guy I knew from a few classes at UCSB — quite a few, if I’m not mistaken — as well as some overlapping involvement at the Nexus. He apparently random stumbled upon this blog through a Google image search of Neko Case. Clearly, he opted to look at the Neko Case image that showed her nipples. Naughty Jonathan. Anyway, he had some nice words to say about the Cereal Box — even going as far as to call it “the Methuselah of Gaucho blogs.”

Check out Jonathan’s blog, It's a Definite Maybe, here.

Also, I’m planning on updating the blog template at some time in the future, a remodel which will include a shuffling out of some of the permalinks in the sidebar to the right. Some of you, who shall remain nameless, haven’t been updating your blogs in months and months and I thin the list could use some new blood.

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  1. What can I say, that Neko Case picture really stood out from the rest. People come to my blog after searching for granny orgies; I suppose, in the scheme of things, Neko Case's nipples aren't that bad of a siren call.