Thursday, May 04, 2006

A Few Words in Defense of Poor Libby

Another quick thought regarding "Lost," then I promise I'll shut up about it at least until next week.

Also, this post will make a whole lot more sense if you first have a look at the previous post.
Libby can't be dead because she hasn't come full-circle in any meaningful, emotional way. The first castaway, Boone, died shortly after we learned through his flashbacks that he had been engaged in a quasi-incestuous relationship with his stepsister, Shannon. He broke of the relationship, found his independence and the shortly died. Next, Shannon, who has previously been a spoiled, selfish sort decided that she had for too long depended on others. We get her flashbacks, then she thinks she sees the long-missing Walt. She dashes out into the jungle looking for him — the sole selfless act she ever did on the show — and bam! She bumps into Ana-Lucia, who instinctively shoots Shannon. Finally, we have Ana-Lucia, who had quit her job as an LAPD officer and fled to Australia after gunning down a smalltime thug who had shot her and caused her to miscarriage. On the island, Ana-Lucia gets attacked by the hostage — one of the Others whom we’ve been calling Henry Gale even though that’s not his name — and nearly killed. She walks into his cell, points a gun at him with every intention of firing, but finds that she cannot again take a human life. Bam! Immediately after she clears up her central personality flaw, Michael shoots her.

But what of poor Libby? We haven’t got her backstory at all. All we know is that she spent some time in a mental institution where Hurley also stayed. The two haven’t yet put this together, and I feel like bumping the poor dear off before that revelation would leave too loose of a plotline hanging. Give her a flashback episode first — one at least, to clear the air up a little — and then you can talk about shooting her in the stomach.

Funny side note: The name of the fictional author behind Bad Twin, the book that was supposedly written by a victim of the Flight 815 crash, is a perfect anagram for “purgatory.”

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  1. First of all, I totally agree with you that the writers pulled a stroke of genius with these unexpected shootings.... I didn't see them coming, and I couldn't function for ten minutes after the show was over. That's the making of good TV.

    It seems that the writers are maybe a little too trigger happy, though.... if part of the allure of "Lost" is in the interconnections of the characters before they actually met, how will there ever be a payoff if the characters are dead? They were too quick to write out Shannon, so the dangling plot threads of seeing Walt alive (like, for instance why she was seeing Walt alive) and her connection to Jack by way of her father's death are now forever dangling.

    If Libby is dead (which Kristen at E! makes it sound like she is), I think the writers jumped the shark way too much.... particularly because we never learned about her and now presumably won't get to in the present frame of the story. And I really liked Libby, too.