Saturday, April 01, 2006


done in sydney, for the most part. flying out this morning to tom and judy's in townsville, which is one letter off from the town the powerpuff girls live in, i know, and nonetheless still sounds like the least inventive name for a place since people started naming places. went to a rugby match at aussie stadium and got drunk and the new south wales team beat the south afria team even though the new south wales teams was called the "waratahs"and that doesn't sound like anything particular much less anything fearsome and rugby-adept. turns out a waratah is the state flower of new south wales, which is even worse than being a nothing, especially when it's matched up against the cheetahs, which were the south africa team.


went back to the opera house last night, more for a lack of anything better to do than anything else. we had tried to go to the city's second most famous beach after bondi beach, the hilariously named manly beach, but the weather was windy and chilly and sitting on the sand in a sweatshirt just isn't fun, regardless of what kristen says. the area is peppered with amusing signs for local establishments made funny by the fact that this particular locality is "manly" and then you get stuff like "manly barber" and "manly dentist" and "manly florist" and "manly childcare" and "manly OB/GYN." we tried to get tickets at the opera house to something cultural like "the magic flute" or "madama butterfly" but could only get into a comedy play called "cooped"that was put on by a british troupe called spymonkey. it was funny and involved sex flatulence and unflattering depictions of russian jews and vagina-bearing felicity shagwell-style dresses. and naked dancing. and we were in the first row. and we saw eve kransky there and i'm glad i saw here again, because, again, i'd like to point out that i like her and i'd like to think she likes me.

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