Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Cold Light / Hot Night

I'm exhausted, but certain factors have led me to be quite awake right now, with a sick, uncertain feeling in my stomach. A sudden onset of homesickness, with a twist of guilt and a worry chaser. Why did I order that, anyway? I'll take whatever might lift my spirit now, and at the moment it's letters I received from Sanam and my old roommate Daniel, respectively.

What Sanam wrote:

I had a dream that I came to visit you in Australia. You were living there, alone, in the apartment from Muriel's Wedding.

"Drew, I feel sick."

"Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you, for the first 24 hours, you're gonna feel like you're hanging upside-down. All the blood rushes to your head and you feel nauseated. Right?"

"Yeah, that's exactly how I feel. What's that about?"

"It's because we're on the other side of the world, retard. This is upside-down for us."

So you took me all around the city and showed me the sights while I tried really hard not to faint.

And what Daniel wrote:
Hey Drew, hows the trip? Any interesting things happen so far? Have you tried flushing the toilet? Does it go backward? Have you seen any dingos? Are dingos just dogs? If they are just dogs I bet you have seen some. Write me back to brag about stuff im missing.
I should really write them back. More soon, with actual travel news. I'm going to go read Joan Didion now.


  1. Anonymous11:45 PM

    Good idea, Drew. No better place to read Joan Didion than... CALIFORNIA. Get the fuck back here, you freak.


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