Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Presenting the Lady Argus

As of 10:09 p.m. yesterday, this little bloggie turned three years old. The notion of celebrating anniversaries has always kind of boggled me. "Hey! It hasn't died or disintegrated yet! Let's throw a party!" and all that. So whenever this blog rolls over, so to speak, I struggle to commemorate the event.

This yeah, I thought I'd kick off the celebration with evidence of my latest artistic feat: a chair from what I've taken to calling the Lady Argus collection. This chair, a cheaply manufactured wobble-prone number that I got when I moved into the house and assimilated Amber's left-behinds, has been handsomely upgraded with a coat of paint and some minor additions. The fact that these coats of paint are Pepto Bismol pink and plum purple and the additions are 125 googly eyes and glitter. Yes, it looks like the result of an arts and crafts period for an autistic eight-year-old with a princess complex. I am proud.

(In this third shot, I concentrate on the amount of glitter Spencer put on the chair's seat. I feel the glitter is especially integral to the impact of the piece, and I feel this for several reasons. First, as glitter falls off and attaches to other parts of Kristen's room, she'll always be finding little bits of the Lady Argus to remind her that I love her. Second, the glitter doubles as quick means to add that special something to Kristen's everyday outfits, whether it's a little sparkle to the seat of her work pants or an easy place to mash her face to glitter up before heading out for the night. It's quite versatile.)

Naturally, the chair went directly into Kristen's room. I figured if anybody would like a piece of furniture painted girly colors and smattered with googly eyes, it would be she. She liked it so much that it now sits outside her room, at the top of the stairs. I just know she'd like all her furniture done in this fashion, so I'll be sure to jump on that during my next free moment. I'm thinking orange, turquoise, jingle bells and sea shells.

I feel this news is especially appropriate for an anniversary post because, after looking back at what the first few weeks of this blog were like, I realize that the first post to chronicle my unusual sense of arts and crafts — and, also, one of the first images ever to appear on this blog — was of a similar piece: Ducto, the Chair of Tomorrow. (Again, I was quite proud. Ducto, by the way, has since been destroyed by Jill's fat friend.) For all I've written Â? which, by the way, is 991 posts, as of this writing Â? I guess I haven't progressed all that much.

Oh, and in case you ever doubted the power of words, try explaining googly eyes to a Michael'?s employee who clearly does not speak English well. "They're little eyes you use for toys or dolls or crafts and they're plastic and they move around and I swear I'm not crazy." It took a second Michael's clerk about two syllables of that preceding phrase before she responded with "Oh, you mean googly eyes." Ah yes.

Thoughts into vague words into artistic brilliance. I honestly can't think of a better way to celebrate this blog than with that transformation. Now please shut down your computer and step outside to witness the cross-country Back of the Cereal Box Three-Year Anniversary Extravaganza Parade.Also of note: Wikipedia has an entry for googly eyes.


  1. Anonymous9:39 PM

    will you make me a chair? do you take commissions?

  2. Jesus, I almost had an aneurysm looking at those chairs.

    Nice blog, btw.