Friday, February 24, 2006

I Could Sing About Pancake Batter

A simple game that's been done before but is nonetheless entertaining. I take a writing sample, auto-translate it into another language and then back into English. All praise the awkward grammar.

First up: Spencer's MySpace profile.

In the English:
Well I mean if you want kind of a laundry list of sentence fragments: Hair has life of its own. High school instilled in him a vague horror of visible effort. Voracious reader. Would do anything for his friends. Wears novelty clothing when alone. Has a very very good time regardless of where he is. Can't bear fools, but apparently your mother could. If you think you qualify as "interesting", then by all means hit up the AIM.

I think we all know the answer to this one. Failing that, anyone else who thinks it would be amusing to score a documentary on sub-Saharan female genital infibulation with the Duff Sisters' cover of "Our Lips Are Sealed." (Even if you don't think it's amusing -- if you even understood that -- then you qualify.)
In the would-be English:
Well I signify if you want the class of a list of dirty clothes of fragments of prayer: Hair has the life of its own one. The prep school instilled in it a vague horror of the visible effort. Voracious reader. It would do something for its friends. It carries the clothes of the news when only. Has a very very good time in spite of where he is. He cannot bear the fools, but apparently his mother is able. If you think that you qualify "interesting" as, then for all he signifies the up the blow the OBJECTIVE.

I think that all we know the answer to this. Failing that, any BUT that thinks that would be enjoying to border a documentary one in the sub-Saharan infibulation genital female with the cover without value of Sisters of "the Lips are Sealed." Even if you be not chirped that entertains -- if you understood still that -- then you qualify.
Sanam's blog post concerning Della Reese, in the original:
Ed and I are holding a singles mixer tonight.

We've been talking about doing it for ages. At some point, the two of us realized that his program is full of socially incompetant/sexually frustrated males, and mine is made up of women who are either (a) foreign, (b) socially inept, or (c) alcoholics.

Which means that, thanks to our devious planning, the two groups will spend hours together at a bar this evening, the young men of the MIT Cognitive Sciences Department making awkward and uncomfortable advances toward the estrogen party known as Emerson's GMCA program, and it'll probably be freaking awesome.

So if you're in the area and looking to meet new people, or just want to survey the scene, or want to watch people make babies, come on by. We'll be there all night.
And in what I turned it into after making it Dutch:
Ed and I they have a mixer of individual this night.

We have been speaking about it to do for ages. In some point, the two of us we realized that its program is full of socially incompetant/sexually the injustices frustrated, and mine are composed of women that are or (a) foreign, (B) socially inadequate, or (C) alcoholicos.

Which media that, thanks to our sinuous planning, the two groups will spend hours together in a bar this afternoon, the ÿjovenes of the MIT the Cognitive Department of the Sciences that does the difficult and uncomfortable advances toward the party of estrogen known as program of Emerson GMCA, and will be variegating probably impressive.

So if you are in the area and looking at to find new people, or only wanted to inspect the scene, or the need for sight to people do to babies, they enter for. We will be there all the night.
A love poem written by a girl I went to high school with:

heron-like species, rare visitor,
most recent records referring to winter months & the tremendous
silence of mid-July; a
quick gasp
very active at dusk but shivering like you — she says
she's done if she drinks again —
how can you hurt her? yours is the same
story: the thoughtless lyric of a storm clouding the sky.


spidery thin, agile, angular;
viewed at a distance, caught with a look
over the shoulder;
a turn of
the head.
lazy when unprovoked.
travels singularly one concrete step
at a time —
a narrow look down,
subsiding into a sharp left corner.
eyes shifting constantly
will she meet him?
two shots in back of the building —
he should know better.
The same poem, into Russian then into English then into French and into English again:

A similar Versions to a héron, the rare visitor,
the reports more recent,
addressing by the months of winter and the huge
Silence of the July environment;
a Quick one very active asthma in a twilight,
but shivering of even to you -
it speaks is done for Him,
if it drinks again
How you can injure it?
The yours the similar history:
neglect lyric of a storm.
The sky.


Neglect thinner, quicker, more angular;
Considered on the caught distance with a view
On a shoulder;
Turn the Head.
Lazy when is not provoked.
Travel especially a
concrete walks the Simultaneous Reduced view,
the Fall in a left corner splitting.
The changeable eyes constantly
It will meet him?
Two blows in a rear party of
a building that it must know better.
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  1. Way too much time on your hands there Junior! Find a hobby outside or just down load some porn, that has got to be more fun than translations.

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  3. the poem makes more sense in the mangled version, and my myspace sounds better the second time 'round.

    that said, I kind of agree with the first comment.