Sunday, January 29, 2006

Variously, a Crone, a Soldier, a Waif Chorus, a Husband and a Wife, a Sea Captain, a Widow and a Daughter

alkiehorn0307: also the idea of "sleeping soft babies on piles of yarn" is nice to me
kidicarus222: not to me
kidicarus222: i'm scared a cat will get at them
kidicarus222: like, seriously
kidicarus222: that's the first thing that comes to mind
alkiehorn0307: well it's in a pretty quiet room
alkiehorn0307: like, no cats
kidicarus222: i'm sure, i'm sure. it's just... you know. at the back of my head? cat scratching.
alkiehorn0307: you can't think of that
alkiehorn0307: your hands are full of lullabies, orchids, and wine
kidicarus222: oh
kidicarus222: NO!
kidicarus222: then how will i stop the cats?
alkiehorn0307: your....feet?
kidicarus222: i can't pluck the babies to safety with my feet!
kidicarus222: i can't punt the babies, for god's sake
kidicarus222: what the hell are you talking about?
alkiehorn0307: bear in mind this is the same 20-minute song which includes the lyric "she's a salty little pisser / with your cock in her kisser"
kidicarus222: there shouldn't be cocks or pissers anywhere near these babies either
kidicarus222: i worry for these children, spencer
alkiehorn0307: there's also a soldier
alkiehorn0307: and a "chorus of waifs"
kidicarus222: for the love of god, what are you talking about?

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