Wednesday, January 11, 2006

The Truth About Piano Keys

I decided this warrants a post of its own.

You may remember the post "Bread or Medical Emergency?" in which I pondered the meaning of the Japanese text on the back of my cracker packages. Some kind soul named Joanna has commented on the post and clarified just what these guys are and what they're saying. (They're not iron bars, it turns out.)

Joanna had the following to say...
Hi... I'm commenting on your entry about the Kaki no Tane because my friend Drew read it and he really wanted me to clarify what it says there. Hahaha. Here goes.

Well, first of all Kaki no Tane is literally translated to mean "seed of persimmon." It's usually a tasty spicy snack that you eat while you drink beer. They're totally yummy. :)

On the back of the packaging is always these stories about the little things in life that are sort of sad. For example, the two purple bars are supposed to be the two keys that are all the way on the corner of a piano. They're sad because they're always there but nobody plays them. :( They're little stories that try to make people notice these little things in life. Haha.
So there you go. I'm not clear which of the many Drews this Joanna is affiliated with. When I click her name in the comments to see her profile, I get this page. Boo.

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