Friday, January 13, 2006

One Eye, No Lie

A few days ago I got wind of the one-eyed kitten, "Cy," who was born a few days back. It's a cute but pitiful thing, what with its one giant eye and a total lack of a nose.

See? Now make that "aww" noise, qualified with an "ew" and an "oh" when you find out that it died one day after being born. But then Spencer sends me to a little online tribute to the poor thing. It's art. And it looks familiar.

Doesn't it look a lot like Baby Leela from that one episode of "Futurama" that had Leela as a baby? You know — the Baby Leela episode?

Change the pose and put a purple wig on that cat and there you go. Of course, cyclopses is cyclopses, my dad always says.

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