Wednesday, January 25, 2006

My Problems, Solved

On November 9 of last year, I posted on this blog an entry called "My Problems, Listed." This last Tuesday, I realized that these problems had been solved, for the most part. Here is a reprint of my problems, with appropriate solutions filled in.
  • My present lease ends around Christmas and I don’t know where I’m living after that.
  • The solution: After Stephanie moved back, I decide to split my time between Santa Barbara couch-surfing and Hollister.
  • Though I would want to move into Kristen’s house, her exiting roommate won’t be fully moved out until late January.
  • The solution: I waited. I still am, actually, since Amber has the room until the end of the month.
  • No matter where I live, I may only be living there for a short time, both because I am tired of living in Santa Barbara and because I want to travel to Australia, New Zealand and Fiji this winter.
  • The solution: Revised plan. I'm still heading to Australia and New Zealand, but I'm heading back to Santa Barbara afterward.
  • I have not set a departure date.
  • The solution: First week of March.
  • I have not set a return date.
  • The solution: Probably about a week into April.
  • I don’t know how long I will be traveling, if I go.
  • The solution: Simple math leads me to calculate about five weeks.
  • Currently, I have no one to travel with in these locations.
  • The solution: Dina's in. Adam expressed interest. Monique's already going on her own. And Kristen has to wait to see if the leprechaun living in her uterus is malignant or not.
  • Excluding Hollister, I will have nowhere to move back to when I return to the United States.
  • The solution: Heading back to Santa Barbara won't be so bad.
  • I’d like to move to a different city on my own, but the thought of that is very intimidating.
  • The solution: Don't move until I get accepted at some grad school.
  • If I move back to Santa Barbara, I will be wishing I had moved anywhere else. However, this scenario solves one problem — easily the biggest: no matter how and when I leave Santa Barbara, I will be ending the best relationship I’ve ever been in.
  • The solution: Santa Barbara won't be so bad. I still know people, and I know where stuff is and living in Goleta has made me stoked on moving back downtown.

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