Friday, January 27, 2006

Hibana Cares About Captain Syrup

As some of my readers may know, my obsession with Wikipedia has been challenging my obsession with this blog for the last few months. Both blogging and Wikipedia allow me to get words to many people quickly, but the latter is so engrossing by virtue of being about something other than my own boring life. In fact, the Wikipedia is about anything and everything, conceivably.

The neat thing about Wikipedia is those who have created accounts can chose to watch certain pages, thus allowing you to monitor whenever the things you like are updated. About a week ago, I chose to watch my 1000th page. I love my little watchlist. Such a great cross-section of trivia and minutia — and one that's entirely representative of me.

I've decided, then, to list some of the more interesting pages I've found here. Enjoy.

Things I didn't know about until I read the articles for them
Things I heard about and then immediately went to research
Things I don't think deserve an encyclopedia entry
Things I was surprised to see in their own encyclopedia entry
Things I can't believe I found interesting
Really broad or vague things that nonetheless make for good entries

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