Friday, December 30, 2005

Too Expensive to Pixelate in the Pilot

I'm going to quote Kristin Veitch of E! Online news once and only once. And don't read the following if you don't want the upcoming episode of "Arrested Development" spoiled.
William Hung is guest starring. I'm not kidding. Bang bang! In the Jan. 9 episode (which is a full hour long--whoopee!), which also stars Justine Bateman as Nellie Bluth, he will perform at the Bluth family mock trial for the "Hung Jury." Damn, I love that show. We'll also see George Michael and Maebe in a wedding as bride and groom (but it's not what you think), and Judge Reinhold will be the judge. Love. It. Love. It. Love. It!
Veicth's chat transcripts, third item from the top.

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