Saturday, December 17, 2005

They Call Him "Drippy"

Yes, Uncle Boofus, I have updated my photos on my Flickr account. Oh, what that, you old cow? You don't believe me? Then how, dear woman, do you explain this?

It's the photographic evidence of an unfortunate collision between Twyla's tea kettle and my short attention span. Turns out Mr. Kettle doesn't like being deprived of water. Honestly, the incident was one of the more disturbing in recent memory. Instead of a cheerful whistle to announce the water having boiled, I walked into the kitchen, smelled burned metal and heard the noise of air escaping through the molten plastic cap. Needless to say, it sounded like farts.

The rest of them are posted on the first page of my Flickr account. But while I'm on the subject, I've noticed that certain photos in my collection are almost never viewed. I'm not sure why. Could be that these particular photos suck. Could be that people are racist. I don't know anything, really. But what I do know is that by linking to the pictures here and tricking people like you into clicking, I can make it look like Flickr cruisers actually do care about my work.
  • "What is it?" you ask. "It's a cattle squeeze," I reply. "What the fuck is a cattle squeeze?" you ask. And I am speechless.
  • When I ate it, It made me see Jesus. He had snakes for eyes.
  • The rotting corpse of a baseball — one that I or someone I knew may have knocked into the brush, years ago.
  • The story: for my birthday years ago, J-Cubed bought me a dinosaur from a used toy store. It had a tag on it that said "Works" — complete with the quotation marks and everything, so I guess it actually said "'Works.'" When you turn him on, a little motor makes a noise, but nothing happens. Thus, it "works."
  • Winter sunset at the Pasado House.
  • Cory's old beach blanket, hanging on the Pasado House clothesline.
  • "Little light shining in the window / lets me know everything's all right." More or less.
  • Green and swirly.
  • Lavender and swirly.
  • Rainy, paney sideview mirror.
Clicky clicky. That's an order.

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