Saturday, November 05, 2005

When I Couldn't Get Anything Done

Here's a photo of my desktop, taken sometime Thursday afternoon.

Main shelf, left to right: red wine bottle (empty), "Fierce" cologne, Vitamin Water bottle (empty, filled with cigarette butts), green Sharpie marker, Marlboro cigarette box (empty), box of personal checks, baggy containing packaged generic aspirin, bottle of nasal spray, nail clippers, hair goop in red tube, deodorant, generic aspirin package (open, empty), Free Lance newspaper mug, flask (empty), bottle of Centrum vitamins, spool of blank CDs, book of matches (containing no matches), Escher mug, graduation mug, Queen of Hearts mug.
Back shelf: book on Flash belonging to Dr. Sorapure, Better Homes and Gardens cookbook, The Complete Guide to Digital Photography, letter from Grandma, monitor, right speaker with blue sweatband, miscellaneous papers and photos, Toad doll.

Left shelf: CDs for reviewing, bamboo lamp, box of thank you notes from Spencer, unwatched Netflix arrivals, left speaker.

Right shelf: novelty martini glass, echinacea supplements, box of collar stays, sun block, bottle Oxy pads, "Glory Hole Sports" beer cozy, 2006 Hokusai calendar.
Or, if you will, what keeps me from doing anything. Or, if you will, me.

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