Monday, October 17, 2005

To Quote Wally Exactly

Less a top-one hundred list, more a "Go ahead, ask me about 'blank,'" with "blank" being a thing. On the list. Why? Because sometimes I need to be reminded of the things that I like, the things that keep me going.

Fill in the blanks, folks.

the supervillain, not the plant

3. The Border Collie (and to a lesser extent, all Border Collies)

5. Comic books with social relevance

oh, and social relevance = rape. didn't you know?

6. Anya (or Anya Christina Emmanuelle Jenkins)

7. Raymond Scott and the titles of his compositions (specifically "Bumpy Weather Over Newark," "Yesterday's Ice Cubes" and "New Year's Eve in a Haunted House")

that's a whole lot of almost attractive

11. And in a league of its own, "Twin Peaks"

12. Birdo

everyone's favorite cocksuckasaur

13. Bret Easton Ellis' The Rules of Attraction

14. Roger Avary's "The Rules of Attraction"

16. Cassowaries

17. Narwhals

18. Maya Rudolph

19. This very blog, blogging in general and the word "blog," which collectively equal one item in my mind.

20. The Dodos that Porky Pig meets on "Looney Tunes"

21. Anything Beck does, basically

22. Devo (the band, not the person)

and totally excluding "whip it," on account of it sucking

30. Gin

32. The furniture of Gaetano Pesce

33. All manner of waterfowl

35. Cyrkle's "Red Rubber Ball"

"every inch of me will resist you!"

38. The interrobang

(photo not interesting)

42. Fictional bands that still release albums — for example, the Gorillaz, Spinal Tap and Josie and the Pussycats

44. Walter and Perry

45 and 46. Stephen Colbert and, slightly less so, Steve Carell

48-53. Pluots, Loquats, Kumquats, Physalis, Saturnfruit, Durians

with birdo making an accidental second appearance

you know — the cat who stopped the great depression

56. The hurdy-gurdy, both as a word and as a musical instrument

61. The word "ptomaine," but not the idea it represents

62. Blondie's Parallel Lines

63. Gale Weathers

65. (805) 562-9054

68. Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark — and the illustrations therein

69. Perfect Tommy

70. Neko Case and her various bands

71. Zeppelins

not to mention blimps, airships and dirigibles

72. Henry Wallis' "The Death of Chatterton"

73. The two lost chapters of "Kill Bill" —
"Can She Bake a Cherry Pie?" and "Yuki's Revenge"

74. The samisen

and let's not forget the hermaphrodite playing the samisen.

75. The wonderful vocabular of geometry — "rhombus, "parallelogram," "isoceles," etc.

76. Alan Moore

unfrozen caveman comic book writer

78. Carmen, the mouse who would not move away

see nate? i totally have inside jokes with you that i don't have with kristen and hilly

79. Patrick Warburton's voiceover career

with brock samson on the left and crippled cop joe on the right

80. Works of art or literature that, though completed, were never meant to be viewed by anybody but the creator — for example, the poems of Emily Dickinson or Henry Darger's 15,000-page fantasy novel

pictured: a scene from In the Realms of the Unreal

81. Bettas

george washington carver 2, we miss you

82. The bagpipe solo in the Church's "Under the Milky Way"

83. Weekend Update when it's hosted by two women

84. "Creature from the San Andreas Fault"

kristen, how is this picture not in your myspace profile?

85. "Zang Tumb Tumb"

86. Secret passageways

87. Cryptozoology

88. The "thick line" artwork Genndy Tartakovsky

with the gentlemen on either side and the ladies in the middle
this album containing such hits as "the demise of barbara and the return of joe"90. Getting a red shell when you need it most

91. Charlie Kaufman's tendency to frame fictional stories around real people — for example, John Malkovich, Chuck Barris or himself

92. "My Mother, the Car"

93. Boo Boo Tannenbaum and the dysfunctional Glass family

a good band name, perhaps?

94. The paintings of Andrew Wyeth

"christina's world"

95. The Duffer of St. George

96. The eternally comforting sight of dry grass and green oak trees


97. Scandal, in general

98. "Hookah," especially when used as a verb

99. Joe Meek, in life and in death

101. The concept of the "flâneur"

. . .

[ doozy ]


  1. I like the insides of your brain, drew mackie.

    (1) I assume you've taken up the topic of the shamisen with holly?

    (2) the death of chatterton is one of my favorite paintings. one of my favorite backstories.

    Keep up the good work!

  2. odd that you urge people to ask you about _______, but when I asked you about the phone number, you shrugged and were the personification of disingenuity.

  3. i think we can agree that conversation took a strange turn today. you could, however, simply call the number.

  4. Hey is that Neko Case pic the real deal or a photoshop, or some chick who just looks like her??

  5. I came on your page looking for a picture of Birdo.

    I've left with so much more... like the interrobang and relating heavily with trying to get an annoying character to move out of my Animal Crossing town.


  6. blargh. i keep page for reference. what a chest of treasure.