Thursday, September 08, 2005

Remembering Sanam

It’s always hard to say goodbye. Sometimes we must say goodbye forever.

Today, I had to deal with the loss of my good friend, Sanam. As many of you know, Sanam moved to Boston against my wishes. I tried to explain to her the dangers of living in a big city — especially Boston — but God bless her, Sanam went for it anyway. If nothing else, we can remember Sanam’s headstongedness.

Or, also, we can also remember the way she died: devoured messily by one of Boston’s many roving gangs of mummies. Again, I warned her of these undead ghouls. Yet, Sanam’s life was hers to lead. And now it’s over. Because those mummies gobbled her up like a Persian McNugget. It goes without saying that the ancient Egyptian stomach acids digested her body efficiently, though not exactly quickly. I’d wager it took several hours for her to die completely. But more importantly, the mummies took her bones, now stripped of Sanam-flesh, and made jewelry out of them. And, oh yes — they ate her feet-first.

I don’t hate Sanam for throwing her life away. I’m glad she died doing what she loved most — feeding others. I blame myself. My diagrams of mummies were perhaps too subtle. I blame Morgan, for virtually pushing Sanam out the door to Boston. I blame Greg, because he’s Greg. But mostly, I blame the American government, for allowing the continued immigration of Egyptian mummies into America’s cities and onto our streets.

If you’d like to make a donation to the American Red Cross in Sanam’s name, click here.