Sunday, September 04, 2005


kidicarus222: ahem
supersanam: yes?
kidicarus222: the following has also been posted in response to your comment
kidicarus222: which was, by the way, a very sanam comment to make
kidicarus222: but
kidicarus222: it's sunday, retard
kidicarus222: and
kidicarus222: i take it boston holds nothing more interesting for you than to sit at home and read my online rants
supersanam: true.
supersanam: no, not true
supersanam: boston does hold more
kidicarus222: yet
supersanam: but you have a secure grip on my heart, drew
kidicarus222: neck, sanam
supersanam: I can't bear to part from my computer, the magical box that holds all your secrets
kidicarus222: i have a secure grip on you neck
supersanam: well, it would be my heart if I had one
supersanam: *still had one
kidicarus222: you left it in santa barbara, right?
supersanam: I traded it to my mechanic for new spark plugs
supersanam: dunno where it is
kidicarus222: should you be outside, walking the city streets with your neck craned up and a silly, wide grin on you face?
supersanam: I did that already. got hit by a bus.
kidicarus222: that's supposed to happen
kidicarus222: then a well-dressed gentlemen picks you up
kidicarus222: and teaches you about life
kidicarus222: and love
supersanam: a homeless guy took a shit on me
kidicarus222: did he teach you about life or love?
supersanam: he taught me to love not getting shit on
supersanam: so, yes

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