Saturday, September 10, 2005

Lomo Saltado

kidicarus222: lela just decided not to eat with me
splendorofmorgan: she's all pooped out from her stupid paper.
kidicarus222: no, she's pooped from procrastinating
splendorofmorgan: well, yeah.
kidicarus222: not that i'm blaming her -- procrastination is an entirely worthwhile activity. i get so much done when i procrastinate
splendorofmorgan: such as: catching up on tv! the dishes! handwashing pantyhose!
kidicarus222: blogging! balancing my checkbook! cleaning the fishbowl!
splendorofmorgan: wee! there's so much to do that does not involve the most pressing issue!
kidicarus222: yes. if i was ever shot or something, i think i'd go do laundry first, then call my grandma and then buy batteries and milk
kidicarus222: then, eventually, the hospital
splendorofmorgan: well, first you'd have to clean up all the spilled blood.
splendorofmorgan: then you'd notice that the floors are disgusting. you'd have to mop and steamclean.
kidicarus222: might as well shampoo all the carpet, while you're at it
splendorofmorgan: if not now, when?
kidicarus222: exactly
splendorofmorgan: once that was done, no use turning up at the hospital with unclipped toenails.
kidicarus222: so -- are you not down with dinner? or at least dinner conversation?
splendorofmorgan: iono. would it require that i take a shower and get out of my pjs?
kidicarus222: get out of your PJs, yes. shower, no
kidicarus222: there's a lot of hippies at natural cafe -- or the nat, if you will -- and you'd fit in, smellwise
splendorofmorgan: halt!
splendorofmorgan: aaron is making lomo saltado later.
splendorofmorgan: like, in a half an hour or something.
kidicarus222: lomo saltado?
splendorofmorgan: otherwise known as, THE FOOD OF THE GODS.
kidicarus222: what is it?
splendorofmorgan: it's peruvian
splendorofmorgan: chicken, red onions, tomatoes, rice, french fries.
splendorofmorgan: all mixed into one of the most delicious things you will Ever taste.
kidicarus222: sounds... red
splendorofmorgan: the last time aaron made it i licked my plate.
splendorofmorgan: literally.
splendorofmorgan: it's good.
splendorofmorgan: you should eat that instead.
kidicarus222: if i'm invited, sure
kidicarus222: though red things conflict with my chromatic diet. saturday is green food only
splendorofmorgan: no, you're not invited, actually. i just went through that whole thing to rub in your face how unwanted you are.
splendorofmorgan: diets were made to be broken.
splendorofmorgan: besides, green on saturdays? saturdays are all about the beige
kidicarus222: but it's a chromatic diet, not some fun-of-the-mill fatty fat-fat diet
splendorofmorgan: or are you following dr. phil's chromatic diet? i'm on the south beach chromatic diet.
kidicarus222: i'm following dr. laura's chromatic diet, actually. all the food sours in your stomach and you feel awful afterwards
splendorofmorgan: and guilty.
splendorofmorgan: because you are a Horrible parent.
splendorofmorgan: even if you have no kids.
kidicarus222: then you've tried it
splendorofmorgan: my mom used to adore dr laura until i started cutting myself because of her.
splendorofmorgan: then she was like, but dr laura said!
splendorofmorgan: and i was like, DR LAURA THIS MOTHERFUCKER.
splendorofmorgan: SHE IS A DOCTOR OF POOP.
splendorofmorgan: anyway, she doesn't listen to her anymore and we're all happier because of it.
kidicarus222: her first name is evil, but it's latvian, so you don't pronounce the E, V, I or L

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