Monday, September 26, 2005

Janie Kills

Busy night of sonic productivity. I burned two CDs — long-promised mixes for Nate and Kristen, respectively.

Nate's CD: "L8RS, N8RS"
  1. Franz Ferdinand - "Do You Want To?"
  2. Dirtbombs - "Can't Stop Thinking About You"
  3. Fiery Furnaces - "I Lost My Dog"
  4. Volt - "I Don't Feel So Good"
  5. Aqueduct - "Growing Up With GNR"
  6. Cheater Slicks - "Walking Up the Street"
  7. Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - "Whatever Happened to My Rock 'n' Roll?"
  8. Deadly Snakes - "Can't Sleep at Night"
  9. Hard Place - "Sharkey's Got My Back"
  10. Orange Juice - "Blokes on 45"
  11. Ponys - "Chemical Imbalance"
  12. Willowz - "Cons and Tricks"
  13. Country Teasers - "Success"
  14. Nada Surf - "Indochine"
  15. Mystery Girls - "Silver Turns to Gold"
  16. Screws - "I See You, Baby"
  17. Knoxville Girls - "That's Alright With Me"
  18. Detroit Cobras - "Keep On Holdin' On"
  19. Clone Defects - "Shapes of Venus"
  20. Heartless Bastards - "New Resolution"
  21. Intelligence - "Tropical Struggle"
  22. Ditty Bops - "Ooh La La (What Brought the House Down?)"
  23. Necessary Evils - Draw Pow Wow Drag
  24. Stellastarr* - Sweet Troubled Soul
And Kristen's mix: "This Little Miggy"
  1. Badly Drawn Boy - "Four-Leaf Clover"
  2. Bishop Allen - "Empire City"
  3. ? and the Mysterians - "Ninety-Six Tears"
  4. Cat Stevens - "Here Comes My Baby"
  5. Caesars - "We Got to Leave"
  6. Tracey Ullman* - "They Don't Know"
  7. Blondie - "Hangin' on the Telephone"
  8. Father Bingo - "Ginger Prince Is Not Shirley Temple"
  9. Louis XIV - "God Killed the Queen"
  10. Her Space Holiday - "Japanese Gum"
  11. New Pornographers - "Jackie, Dressed in Cobras"
  12. Del Shannon - "Needles and Pins"
  13. Olivia Tremor Control - "Sunshine Fix"
  14. Felix da Housecat - "Ready 2 Wear"
  15. Soviet - "Candy Girl"
  16. Scissor Sisters - "Lemonade"
  17. Cupcakes - Vidiots
  18. Fool's Garden - Lemon Tree
  19. Kinks - Waterloo Sunset
  20. Lee Hazlewood and Nancy Sinatra - "One Velvet Morning"
  21. Merril Bainbridge - "Mouth"
  22. Arcade Fire - "Haiti"
  23. Spiritualized - "Ladies and Gentlemen, We Are Floating in Space"
  • Yes, that Tracey Ullman.
  • Nate: Yours is in the mail as soon as I buy an envelope.
  • Kristen: Yours is random as fuck, but my only criteria was stuff I thought you would like.
  • Kristen: Also, we need to set up a play date during which I can deliver your CD.
  • Erin: I'll burn your data disc as soon as I get around to it. Tomorrow, maybe?
  • Sanam: Hi, Sanam.
  • Spencer: Yes, I know I ransacked your CDs for these. Think of it as thoughtful re-packaging.
  • Hasan: Fuck you. You don't read this blog anyway. You have a big butt and your butt smells and you like to kiss your own butt.
  • Hilly: Let us burn and exchange CDs, please. I know you got the goods.
  • Megan: I like you better than the other Megans that read this blog.
  • Marcy: You still owe me a CD.
  • Daniel: Stop reading my blog and call Jill.
  • Jill: Act like you're really busy when Daniel calls.
  • Dina's sister: Hi.
[just four more to go]


  1. Anonymous1:50 PM

    It turns out the first day I look at your blog you insult me. I'm on to your tricks, bastard child of phonehead.

  2. i take it back, hasan. your butt does not smell.

  3. That Megan bit is entirely too sneaky.