Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Umbrella of Blood, Heart of Strewn Flowers

The latest Netflix rental is "Lady Snowblood,"which I'd seen before but could watch again and still be entertained. Think "Kill Bill" reconfigured with O-ren Ishii as the heroine and you'd have some idea. Anyway, I watched it yesterday with Nate and Ben. It never struck me in the original viewing, but Nate consistently made fun of the movie's tendency to refer to the title character as a "child of the netherworld." Nate associated it with "child of the nether regions." To myself, I read the line as "child of the Netherlands." Other good lines: "I have the weight of the Milky Way on my shoulders" and "Crying Bamboo Dolls of the Netherworld" and "Umbrella of Blood, Heart of Strewn Flowers," the last two being the names of the film's chapters. Yes, chapters. Yes, like in "Kill Bill."

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