Monday, August 29, 2005

To Borrow From the Japanese, "Wan-Wan!"

Question: How do you make Earl Warren Showgrounds reek of dog shit? Easy — the Santa Barbara Dog Show. Seriously, I kept checking my shoes everywhere I went until I realized that the whole place smelled that way. I went to look at weirdos and their weird dogs, but the crowd there was tamer than I would have expected. No kooks, really. But I did get some pictures, of varying degrees of quality.

I could call this series "Dogs Not Looking at Me." Also, please note the prominence of Afghans and the Afghan-like. Thank Snuppy.

so. many. dogs. in. one. picture.

dogs have no use for the internet.

so pretty. so ornery.

dangerous things should be kept in cages.

little doggy look-a-way. shithead.

is your dog getting enough duck?

set me free.

heat + dog

And in true dog show fashion, I will present the top three pictures.

[ third place ]

I like the juxtaposition here. the larger lady in the snazzy pants has her little dog on a leash. The smaller, Asian woman is clutching her considerably larger dog in her arms. In my imagination, both dogs desperately want to escape.

[ second place ]

Because the dog is sitting in the stands, among the human dog owners, watching a dog show. And that's just great.

[ best in show ]


  1. Anonymous11:07 PM

    I'm a fan of the second place winner. I can imagine that she is a former show dog, and her owner takes her to these events so that she can enjoy the atmosphere without all the weariness of actually competing.

  2. Anonymous5:51 PM

    Puppies! I wish I could've gone... when I get my puppy (a cairn) I just might take him to dog shows to make fun of the prissy bitches. Then again, they'll be able to make fun of his decapitated manhood... Oh, well. I'm sure that won't effect his self-esteem at all.