Saturday, August 20, 2005

Honey in the Tummy

kidicarus222: hey, have you seen "the aristocrats"?
rentalcarbashing: no
kidicarus222: you might like it
kidicarus222: it's a documentary about the most vulgar joke ever
rentalcarbashing: i need to see that and the bear movie
kidicarus222: bear movie?
rentalcarbashing: its about a wilderness nut who went to go live with the bears and got eaten
rentalcarbashing: grizzly man, the trailers on apple. check it out
rentalcarbashing: sonic youth did an improv soundtrack
kidicarus222: ha
kidicarus222: guess he had to grin and bear it
rentalcarbashing: unBEARable
kidicarus222: you might say his death was grizzly
rentalcarbashing: maybe he went into kodiak arrest?
kidicarus222: you might say that the bears tore open his chest and now his body parts are putrid ursine feces
rentalcarbashing: you win, g

And Mr. Bashing is right — the trailer, which is everything I hoped it would be — is right here.

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