Thursday, August 04, 2005

Fujiyama Mama

sparklejetstream: i'm confused. the link in your blog about brandon smalls or whoever: that links to MY space. is it only doing that because i am signed into myspace, because i don't understand how anyone could have linked to your blog from my blogspace...
sparklejetstream: am i making sense here?
kidicarus222: you are making sense in that i can tell you are confused
sparklejetstream: and furthermore?
kidicarus222: if i could, may i explain in a fable?
sparklejetstream: please do
kidicarus222: okay
kidicarus222: if you want to wear a hat
kidicarus222: you have to find one that looks better than that
kidicarus222: or on second thought the hat upon your head
kidicarus222: would look better with a feather instead
sparklejetstream: oh dear
kidicarus222: but you need to ask the bird
kidicarus222: which is more difficult than you have heard
kidicarus222: for the bird, he will not cooperate
kidicarus222: unless you guarantee the going rate
kidicarus222: got it?
sparklejetstream: god no

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