Saturday, August 13, 2005

Dansy Pansy, Puddin' and Pie

I swear, was the best investment I've made in a while.

So yesterday I check in to see how many people read this site yesterday — about 45, by the way — and how they got there. It's a usual mix of weirdness, with people Googling things like this and that and this for some reason and that for God knows why. But the most interesting one was this: a search on the British version of Google for the name "Daniel" specifically on my site. And knowing how little Dansy is off in Brighton at the moment, I found it funny that he's spending his valuable abroad hours Googling his own name.

So I shoot Dansy an email.
dear daniel,

were you by chance searching by site for mentions of yourself? because
i can't imagine how many other daniels using the U.K. google would do

i know all and see all.

Today's findings:
Let's put the puzzle together, people.


  1. Anonymous1:06 AM

    did I ever tell you how much I love this entry?

  2. I spent a good portion of last week googling my name on google images instead of working.

    Apparently someone has an alpacha named Twyla. There is also a series of books about a certain Twyla and her love of twisters and another series about Twyla Tulip.

    But really if your name isn't twyla, googling your name is kinda dumb.