Thursday, July 07, 2005

Turnips and Japanese Onions

a letter i just sent to nate:
you heard me. "champloo."

the new show on adult swim is called "samurai champloo." it's by the same people that do "cowboy bebop." did, anyway. it's good. if "cowboy bebop" = jazz + space, then "samurai champloo" = hip hop + samurais. and that, my friend, is a winning equation.

the episode i'm watching now involves a character called "the glasses-hunting samurai."

problem: the show airs on saturday night, anime night. you know, when only losers and the sick are home. (i am currently sick.) however, there's a bonus repeat airing on thursday, just like in the old days.

look into it.
as should you.

1 comment:

  1. Aaron's obsessed with that show. I confused it with Paranoia Agent, which makes me acceptable in some circles and completely outcasts me from many others.