Monday, July 25, 2005

Teen Horniness Is Not a Crime

A week or so ago, I mentioned "Southland Tales," the sophomore effort by Richard Kelly, who wrote and directed "Donnie Darko." I've been poking around online and found two interesting sites related to the film. Then I found that Ain't It Cool News already had them.


Well here they are anyway: a promotional website for a company called Treer Products and the personal website of Krysta Now, one of the characters in the movie. Krysta's website looks like it's still under construction, but she does have lyrics up for a song she wrote. It's called "Teen Horniness Is Not a Crime." I have a lot of faith in Richard Kelly. He's a smart guy and his first ever cinematic effort is one of my favorites. But I haven't got a fucking clue what this "Southland Tales" is supposed to be about.

Some weird intersection of science fiction, popular music and California.
[ the southland tales official website ]

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