Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Some Penicillin of Porridge

I still feel like death. In lieu of a real post, I'm going to re-present the previous post, translated from English to Spanish to French and then back to English again by online translator robots, the meaning of it nearly obliterated in the process.

Therefore how do you condense four days in a handful of the indicated, awaken hours? You go to san francisco. That is that I did, in any case. Since I returned myself city, I was the dead person, more or less. I tired myself. I am cold and hot, alternate. I am bad. And I suffer from fear that I will turn the superior bust also abruptly and I will cheat my number of thorn far of my coccyx.

Oh, and my knot of the good lymph does this impressive imitation of a golf bullet. You must see it. Really.

I would have criticism to smoke it in san francisco? Fresh fog that I, for every acounts, I must have foreseen but did not do? They delivered the stained cups of the lettuce of the butter with a mouse by Morgan? (Morgan!)

I was finally today medical al and it diagnosed my affliction as "some type of the infection" and penicilina prescribed then, that so funny because it could have done a similar diagnosis — with my English degree. I tired myself from doctors not never calling my diseases, as when I obtained the Darling Mystery last year. Instead of the medical learned opinion, I obtain more according to "I do not know than you have but allow some penicillin of porridge in him and see this than arrives." I verified that my temperature is — 101.6 degrees — but was techniquement the pleasant lady that the doctor saw me before that have did that.

In every cases, the my state of the disease it is this that prevents me to return itself to Holy Barbara. I honestly was too much tide to check, the can to letters and the factor that crushed along the way in the office doctor are the test of this.

I got the idea after I'd found that someone using Spanish Google has searching for info on Dina. You know, Canklesaurus? Anyway, Spanish Google offers a translation of my English blog into Spanish.
[ link: Traduzca esta pagina! ]

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