Tuesday, July 19, 2005

No Female Christ

So I like to fuck with Holly. You would too, given the opportunity.

kidicarus222: BLORP BLORP
eviltwinofchrist: ?!
kidicarus222: what?
eviltwinofchrist: "blorp"?
eviltwinofchrist: what is "blorp"?
eviltwinofchrist: kid icarus222: BLORP BLORP
kidicarus222: funny, i don't remember saying that
kidicarus222: why did you IM me this?
eviltwinofchrist: thats what it said on my screen when i sat down
eviltwinofchrist: from you
kidicarus222: you're being deceptive
eviltwinofchrist: well, naturally.
eviltwinofchrist: but why did you blorp me in the first place?
kidicarus222: i didn't
eviltwinofchrist: thats what it said on my screen, an IM from you. 'BLORP BLORP'
kidicarus222: okay
kidicarus222: well, that's not true, to my knowledge
kidicarus222: maybe someone else typed that?
eviltwinofchrist: well... it was your screen name
eviltwinofchrist: has someone else been using your computer?
kidicarus222: sometimes i think so
kidicarus222: because sometimes the keyboard is sticky and i don't know why
kidicarus222: but who?
eviltwinofchrist: maybe... clancy jones? the dog?
kidicarus222: you mean quincy jones
kidicarus222: the famous jazz composer
eviltwinofchrist: yeah. sure.
eviltwinofchrist: or... your roommate's secret boyfriend?
kidicarus222: one time my computer smelled like orange juice
eviltwinofchrist: i think the real question here is, what is "blorp"?
kidicarus222: that's what i wish you'd tell me, since you introduced it to my vocabulary
kidicarus222: but we'll never find out if you insist on being so recalcitrant
eviltwinofchrist: well, thats why I '?!'-ed you in the first place
kidicarus222: well that's the first i heard of it
eviltwinofchrist: the phantom blorp
kidicarus222: = you
eviltwinofchrist: = your mom
kidicarus222: let's not go there
kidicarus222: you're being evasive
kidicarus222: i wish you'd own up to this whole mess
kidicarus222: if you wanted attention, you got it, troublemaker
eviltwinofchrist: excuse me? at least i dont go around blorping random people and then denying it to my friends.
eviltwinofchrist: and what makes you think that you can blorp me?
eviltwinofchrist: i wont stand for that shit
kidicarus222: don't turn this on me, wierdo
kidicarus222: i'll crucify you in the press
eviltwinofchrist: and i'll blow up your house!
kidicarus222: i wish we could stop this bickering and "deal" with the "problem"
eviltwinofchrist: well, its your issue. if you ever need someone to talk to about it, know that i'm here for you. but don't think for a minute that i am going to stand for your abuse or your attitude.
kidicarus222: or me for your LIES
eviltwinofchrist: how could i make something like that up? i am a religious studies major. i have ethics and morals. you on the other hand are clearly an english major, and you just think that anything goes. well i have news for you. you cant just go around trying to exploit people like this.
eviltwinofchrist: you wont get very far in the world playing these games, drew.
eviltwinofchrist: not very far at all.
kidicarus222: i'm blogging this. now everyone with see your dementia
kidicarus222: everyone = sanam, morgan, nate
eviltwinofchrist: OKAY "DREW." at least i don't let a dog use my computer. and i think that they will see the truth. i may be demented, but at least i am not a compulsive blorper. and at least i dont hide it.
kidicarus222: blogging!
eviltwinofchrist: blog away, satan.

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