Wednesday, June 29, 2005

A Sunflower Smoking a Cigarette

About a year ago, I read an article on Ain't It Cool News about a biopic about Domino Harvey, easily one of the coolest people I had ever heard about. Harvey, the daughter of Laurence Harvey of the original "Manchurian Candidate," grew up in England and got a contract with the Ford Modeling Agency when she was sixteen. The she shucked it all and became a bounty hunter.

I'm told she attained some level of fame as this outrageous model-turned-vigilante, but I had never heard of her until I read the news about the the movie "Domino." I only even read the article because the script for the film was written by Richard Kelly, the godsend who gave the world "Donnie Darko." (Kelly is not directing the film, however. He is directing "Southland Tales," a musical-comedy-scifi piece starring Amy Poehler and Sarah Michelle Gellar which I encourage everybody to read about and eagerly anticipate.)

I had always intended to mention Domino Harvey — and god, what a fucking cool name is that? — but never got around to it. The film, which stars Keira Knightley in the title role, comes out this summer. But just this Monday evening, Domino Harvey was found dead in her bathtub. As the MTV article on the incident stated, "If it weren't so tragic, it would seem like a perfectly timed slice of movie promotion." A month or so ago, she had been arrested in Mississippi on charges of drug trafficking. Now she's dead. How very strange.

It's also strange that I can't find many picture of her. I didn't look very hard, I'll admit, but I mostly found headshots of Keira Knightley-as-Domino. This Australian newspaper has one, under which someone felt necessary to include "lesbian" as the most apt description of Harvey. I think she looks like Jodie Foster. Only nicer. Apparently, the real Harvey was disappointed that the film portrayed her as a heterosexual.

Now when the movie comes out, you'll now.

Also regarding the MTV News line "slice of promotion"? The fuck? Promotion comes in slices, MTV?

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