Thursday, June 02, 2005

Room With a View

Just to prove I've done something for my colossal Flash project that's due in one week, I'm posting one of the only pieces I've can: the room. It's the navigation menu for the project, eventually, but I'm just putting up the jpeg of it. It may seem hard to believe, but I pieced this picture together from about thirteen different ones using Photoshop.

Upon close inspection, the Photoshopping is a little woogy. Turns out that making it look professional is tougher than I'm willing to work for. The funny part of this whole project is that a lot of the pointers in Photoshop look like fingers and I felt dirty tracing around Kristen's unconscious-looking body while I cut her out. The carpet looks bad, I know, but it's really not easy to make realistically textured and lighted carpet when I've changed the shape of my actual room so much.

Eventually, the various objects in the room will be buttons, each of which can be clicked. Doing so leads to short films, which I'm in the process of making. Each film, in a sense, will relate back to the object, and I'm trying to get across the sense that everything dreams — the lamp, the fish, the television set, Kristen, everything.

The angles in the picture are all wrong, I know. The scene kind of makes sense if you look at it quickly, but if you examine the corners, you can see that they don't line up in any sensical fashion. I did this on purpose. I even jacked with the corners that did make sense a little so they'd look messed up, too. I did this to make the room look abstract and strange, but also to make the image look more like a navigable space. When the final project is done, the window will only show a bit of the room at a time, and the person looking at the project will have to move the cursor around the room to see anything. By doing this, the corners that look wonky when you look at the image as a whole won't look that weird. Any small bit of the image looks normal when viewed by itself. I'm hoping it will come a little close to approximating how something might look if a person were standing in the middle of the room and turning their head in a range of about 180 degrees or so.

We'll see if any of this pans out shortly, but just know that the final version will be considerably more impression that what I put here. I just thought I'd put something, if for no other reason that my model could see how non-porny she looked in the final version.

And yes, that is a picture of Kristen on Kristen's nightstand. This alternate reality version of Kristen — whose name I've already picked — is apparently very narcissistic. And no, her name won't be Patsy Picket.

Also, I think not blogging would only hasten insanity. I need an outlet, so I gues the blog is officially open again. Villagers, rejoice.

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