Saturday, June 25, 2005

No Pine Weasels, Though

I'm a huge David Lynch fan. This is not debatable. But I just today found out about "One Saliva Bubble." This aborted project was the first collaboration between Lynch and Mark Frost before the two ended up created "Twin Peaks." And it's a wonderful, as far as failed projects go.

The plot of "One Saliva Bubble" begins with a raspberry — the oral kind, not the fruit. This rude noise creates the singular water glob mentioned in the shows title and said glob flies into the machinery operating a government satellite, activating a countdown which activates a beam of energy that causes people to switch identities. Also involved in the plot are a mad scientist with special socks, Texans, Chinese acrobats, an ice rink dangerously nearing the center of the earth, the innate confusion between pie and pi and a blues musician named Sammy the Stomp.

The project never got any funding.

But god I love David Lynch.

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