Tuesday, June 14, 2005

I Know You're a Supra Genius

A round-up of various online point of interest.

[ The Cremaster Cycle ]
  • Who gave me this treasure: Spence
  • Why it's great: This project has somehow escaped my notice these past two years. I'm fascinated. This is easily the greatest thing I've come across in a long time. If you have any affinity for things artsy and weird, I strongly urge you to check out the trailer. Also, I like that this whole site is done with Flash and I could totally have done it myself.
[ BBC News article about the capture of "The Chameleon" ]
  • Who have me this treasure: Matt Drudge and his underlings
  • Why it's great: This creepy man just might be my new hero. (The Chameleon, I mean. Not Matt Drudge.)
[ Sounds of the World's Animals ]
  • Who gave it to me: The mysterious stranger
  • Why it's great: Because I remembered that dogs don't always say "arf," depending on what country they're barking in. Also, the picture they chose for "fox."
[ The Chemical Emergency Fun Page for Kids! ]
  • Who gave me this treasure: Boing Boing
  • Why it's great: Edutainment that fails both to entertain and to educate. "Wally Wise." That they used Paintbrush to make the art. That it failed to impress upon me how dangerous a chemical spill actually is.
[ Jesus Dress Up ]
  • Who gave me this treasure: Glenn
  • Why it's great: The devil suit. The cut-offs. The pacifier.
[ HowTheyLookNow does the cast of "Twin Peaks" ]
  • Who gave me this treasure: My own online perusing
  • Why it's great: Sheryl Lee still being hot. Joan Chen getting hotter. Dr. Jacoby being the father of "Joan of Arcadia."
[ A Washington Post article titled "In Tokyo, A Ghetto of Geeks" ]
  • Who gave me this treasure: Jill, via email
  • Why it's great: "Minnie Mouse shoes and lacy, racy mini-dresses." Otaku. "Eyeglass adjustment kiosks." Totally worth the read.
[ The Speech Accent Archive ]
  • Who gave me this treasure: Sanam
  • Why it's great: "Pu-eez coh Ste-ra..."

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