Monday, June 20, 2005

Field Horsehair Plants

After my hell day of moving, I'm finally situated in my new place. I live in the Cathedral Oaks area now, though I haven't noticed any local cathedrals or enough oak trees that would warrant a namesake.

Brian and I spent all of Saturday cleaning out the apartment on Bath Street. Three years of other people's crap, plus our stuff. Terrible, terrible. In retrospect, moving out was the first thing Brian and I ever did together.

Things we found in the apartment:
  • an electric guitar
  • an amp
  • a nutcracker
  • a single Rocket Dog
  • enough spoiled food to fill one large plastic trashcan
  • porn
  • a photo collage of some ugly girl who apparently used to live there
  • two Monopoly sets
In addition to the couches and chairs, we also had to take a dozen boxes full of dishes, silverware and kitchen appliances out to the curb. My horrible taco-shaped futon mattress as well. All of it was gone within a few hours. The weirdest part of this for me is that some family somewhere within walking distance on our old place has our living room set reformulated in their house. An odd thought.

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