Thursday, June 30, 2005

The Assassin Wore Bells

kidicarus222: oh, right now i am listening to an anti-wrinkle cream commercial playing in the other room. it uses her space holiday
alkiehorn0307: noooooooooooo
alkiehorn0307: cool, can't like them anymore
kidicarus222: oh no -- you misunderstand. it's the anti-wrinkle cream that uses her space holiday
kidicarus222: they killed them and had them blended to a fine paste
kidicarus222: that makes your wrinkles go away
alkiehorn0307: my god
alkiehorn0307: ...that's brilliant
kidicarus222: and it's cooler than ever to like her space holiday
alkiehorn0307: and unexpected, considering it's a middle-aged guy with an inferiority complex and a synthesizer
kidicarus222: no, that's what makes wrinkles go away
kidicarus222: duh
alkiehorn0307: it all makes sense now, don't know why it wouldn't have before

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