Monday, April 25, 2005

The Wrong Kind of Lesbian

In order to protect Sanam's ability to be employed, her screenname has been digitally altered.

kidicarus222: so, you know how cynthia nixon is dating a woman now?
thanampootri: I've heard reports that she's married to a man, and that she's been in a long-term lesbian relationship
thanampootri: so I have no clue what's going on with her
kidicarus222: well last night i found a picture of "her" and she is genuinely one of the ugliest women i have ever seen. click here if you wanna see.
kidicarus222: and i found it last night by accident, kind of, and i was disgusted but i was 3 a.m. and i had no one to share my horrifying discovery with
thanampootri: omg!
thanampootri: she IS hideous!
kidicarus222: i know!
kidicarus222: portia de rossi did so much better
kidicarus222: if you gonna become a lesbian, then fucking date a woman who looks like a woman
thanampootri: omg seriously
thanampootri: total man troll
kidicarus222: we can all learn a lesson from cytnhia nixon
thanampootri: once you get famous, dump your unattractive partner?
kidicarus222: but this "woman" is new... she divorced her husband to be lesbians with her
thanampootri: maybe she has a really big... vagina?
thanampootri: personality?
kidicarus222: maybe she rings the bells in notre dame

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